Friday, 8 November 2013

Gtr badge, outer shell done

Here’s the front GTR badge I made. I used this reference and it looks pretty good. Maybe a bit too much detail but I don’t see why not.

So here’s the car at the moment. The outer shell is pretty much done so I decided to mirror it over to see what it looks like. Next I can start making the interior and underside. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Rear adjustments

I still wasn't that happy with the rear of the car so I decided to make some of it again. I made completely new geometry and made sure I got the shape I wanted. This worked much better and was easier to edit to get the shape I needed. I still not 100% happy but it will have to do for now.

Here’s the piece I made connected to the rest of the rear. I also made the rear spoiler.

Just a few little things I did here. I added a door handle to the door, did some adjustments to the roof and I added some lips to all the windows.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rear details

Making the rear lights wasn’t too hard to do. Just made a chamfered box, extruded some parts and then made another for the actual light and copied it across for the second light. And of course added supporting edges as it’s the high poly.

I added some more small details like the rear badge, number plate and other bits. The model was really starting to come together once I started adding the little details.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Roof & Rear

From this I started making he roof, again extending my existing geometry. The window looked a bit small when I compared it to my reference so I did some adjustment there. 

I again changed some of my geometry to match some proportions and some of the lines. I wasn't happy with the rear lines coming from the rear arch. I will try and get it looking as close to my reference as I can but it will be impossible to get it perfect without an actual measurements which I can’t get a hold of. So I did that and I started to make the boot.

I started to work on the rear of the car more now. I used the front bumper for the rear and just rotated and changed some of the dimensions. I have also been struggling with the rear end for a few days now. Getting the edge loops to all flow neatly and carry the right lines through the car is quite had to do. I decided to make the very rear of the car a separate piece which it is actually like on my reference photos but on models I've seen of this same car they've kept it as he same piece. So I’ll continue adjusting the rear until I’m happy with it. But I don’t want to waste too much time on one bit of the car. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Lots of progress, Door and rear

Now I started to make the door I did this by using he geometry form the front wing. I also made a part of the rear wing and shaped it for the rear wheel arch.

There’s quite a lot different in these next photos. I was just using the same techniques so I thought it would be better to not explain each and every little part I modelled. Although I did change some of my existing geometry to make some of the lines look better.
So I extended the rear even further past the arch to the back. I used the same wheel arch from the front but modified he geometry to match the shape of the rear. I also made the front splitter. I may change this for a different more aggressive looking splitter though as the stock one doesn't look that great.

I also started making the window frame on the door and I made the side mirrors which are placed on the front wings. And the side indicators which look different on some of my reference images but small changes like that differ from whatever year the car was manufactured.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bonnet, Front wing etc

Now I have the grill down its quite easy to branch off that onto the other parts of the car. So I decided to do the bonnet next. One half of it and then I can use the mirror or symmetry modifier to easily make the other. I can do this with the whole car in the end.

And from the bonnet I branched off to start the front wing. This is just a base to work from for now. It needs quite a few adjustments.

I kept on extending the front end and I made the front wheel arch. This is a separate object so it’s easier to keep control of the geometry. I also placed the front wheel under the arch to see what it looks like. The wheel size may need changing later on because they do look massive at the moment. Will have to see what is like when I have it in proportion of the rest of the car.