Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Roof & Rear

From this I started making he roof, again extending my existing geometry. The window looked a bit small when I compared it to my reference so I did some adjustment there. 

I again changed some of my geometry to match some proportions and some of the lines. I wasn't happy with the rear lines coming from the rear arch. I will try and get it looking as close to my reference as I can but it will be impossible to get it perfect without an actual measurements which I can’t get a hold of. So I did that and I started to make the boot.

I started to work on the rear of the car more now. I used the front bumper for the rear and just rotated and changed some of the dimensions. I have also been struggling with the rear end for a few days now. Getting the edge loops to all flow neatly and carry the right lines through the car is quite had to do. I decided to make the very rear of the car a separate piece which it is actually like on my reference photos but on models I've seen of this same car they've kept it as he same piece. So I’ll continue adjusting the rear until I’m happy with it. But I don’t want to waste too much time on one bit of the car. 

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