Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bonnet, Front wing etc

Now I have the grill down its quite easy to branch off that onto the other parts of the car. So I decided to do the bonnet next. One half of it and then I can use the mirror or symmetry modifier to easily make the other. I can do this with the whole car in the end.

And from the bonnet I branched off to start the front wing. This is just a base to work from for now. It needs quite a few adjustments.

I kept on extending the front end and I made the front wheel arch. This is a separate object so it’s easier to keep control of the geometry. I also placed the front wheel under the arch to see what it looks like. The wheel size may need changing later on because they do look massive at the moment. Will have to see what is like when I have it in proportion of the rest of the car. 

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