Wednesday, 8 January 2014

rFactor 2 GIF

I said I post a pic of the dashboard and gauges in game but I decided to make a gif instead so you can actually see them working. You'll notice the shift light turn on also! I currently texturing the outside of the car and ill do a update on that soon.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Dashboard Texturing

I need to spend more time on the interior than the outside as in game that's where the player will spend most their time. So it's nice to get the interior looking as good as possible. As usual I baked the normal and AO maps in xnormal and used ndo2 for some extra normal detail. Here are the diffuse, normal and specular maps I made.

I decided to put a sticker on the glovebox as stickers in Japan are used loads on vehicles. And JDM Legends is a garage that specialize in classic Japanese cars. JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Speedo and RPM Light

The tachometer has a little RPM shift light on it that will illuminate when the revs reach a certain rpm. Mos tracing cars have these. There are several LED's that a car can have in rfactor for various different things but I'm just going to use the shift light. It took a little searching on the ISI forum again to find the right bit of code. Here's the code I used.

I needed two textures, one lit and one unlit which I made here..

For the speedo it was a pretty similar process as the tachometer. I just needed to have a different texture and different code. Here's the code and texture I used. It took me a while to get the speedo accurate but by just fiddling around with the values in the code I eventually got it. I think I could of made this easier of I knew what angle each speed. 

SpeedometerRange=(20.0, 220.0, 210.0, 350.0) * *//SpeedometerRange=(<minvalue>, <maxvalue>, <beginangle>, <endangle>)
SpeedometerCenter=(0.50, 0.50) 
SpeedometerNeedle=(1.8, 1.8)