Sunday, 5 January 2014

Speedo and RPM Light

The tachometer has a little RPM shift light on it that will illuminate when the revs reach a certain rpm. Mos tracing cars have these. There are several LED's that a car can have in rfactor for various different things but I'm just going to use the shift light. It took a little searching on the ISI forum again to find the right bit of code. Here's the code I used.

I needed two textures, one lit and one unlit which I made here..

For the speedo it was a pretty similar process as the tachometer. I just needed to have a different texture and different code. Here's the code and texture I used. It took me a while to get the speedo accurate but by just fiddling around with the values in the code I eventually got it. I think I could of made this easier of I knew what angle each speed. 

SpeedometerRange=(20.0, 220.0, 210.0, 350.0) * *//SpeedometerRange=(<minvalue>, <maxvalue>, <beginangle>, <endangle>)
SpeedometerCenter=(0.50, 0.50) 
SpeedometerNeedle=(1.8, 1.8)

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