Monday, 4 November 2013

Lots of progress, Door and rear

Now I started to make the door I did this by using he geometry form the front wing. I also made a part of the rear wing and shaped it for the rear wheel arch.

There’s quite a lot different in these next photos. I was just using the same techniques so I thought it would be better to not explain each and every little part I modelled. Although I did change some of my existing geometry to make some of the lines look better.
So I extended the rear even further past the arch to the back. I used the same wheel arch from the front but modified he geometry to match the shape of the rear. I also made the front splitter. I may change this for a different more aggressive looking splitter though as the stock one doesn't look that great.

I also started making the window frame on the door and I made the side mirrors which are placed on the front wings. And the side indicators which look different on some of my reference images but small changes like that differ from whatever year the car was manufactured.

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