Monday, 13 January 2014

Other Guages + Texturing the interior

In rFactor you can have other gauges that work like the OIL, TEMP and FUEL etc. But I decided just to leave these and save some time so I can start the 2nd car asap. So I just added them to the interior UV's. This is the texture I made for the other gauges. I made the petty much from scratch accept using a template gauges so all he markings were correct.

As for the rest of the interior I baked the AO and normal maps in xNormal as I always do. Then I began texturing in photoshop. I was originally going to sculpt the foam parts on he roll cage for some extra detail but after looking at reference this was unnecessary. Most of the foam in my reference seemed to be attached with cable ties so I added this detail with nDo2. I also decided to add some welds the the rollcage. I did this by creating some overlapping gradient circles that when converted to a normal look like a weld. For the rest of the interior I mainly left it black as the player wont be looking at the back seats or floor so adding detail there is meaningless. 

Here Is what it looked like in the end.

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