Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Exterior texturing

For the exterior I baked the normal and ao maps then began straight away with texturing all the chrome pieces. I originally made the car paint red but my supervisor said it would be nice to have one with decals on too like a proper racing car so I gathered some reference for this. As for the decals I added some I saw on my reference and ones that I thought were applicable. The way I unwrapped my car allows me to have deals on both sides without them being inverted. Normally in a racing game decals would be added within the engine so they wouldn't have this issue. I learned this from making a car in and year and finding my decals were inverted so for the cars number I just used 00.

I added a Yokohoma decal as the tyres on my car are that make. The PMC.S decal was hard as my unwrap wasn't perfect so it would be stretched. So I had to recreate the decal and warp it for both sides of the car. The rest of the them were fine I just had a problem with that one. I also noticed one problem where the car has the letter S and I forgot to separate these so one one side of the car it is inverted. Its nothing major but it is quite annoying and for my next car I will make sure I don't have this issue again.

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