Friday, 1 November 2013

Brake Disks

This was pretty easy to model and looking back I probably added more detail than was needed. As when the wheels are on you can’t even see most of the disk. 

Here’s the highpoly disk brake I made, I will use the same one on both front and back wheels. I also made some nuts for the wheel. It took some adjustment to get the bolts on the brake disk to fit through the holes in the rim.

Brake calipers  Again I probably added too much detail on these, but will see when it comes to making the lowpoly. I think they turned out great but I find it quite hard to model organic like curves. Here’s a picture of the caliper and what it looks like on the brake and behind the wheel. I will use the same caliper on the rear too just in a different position and maybe a bit smaller.

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