Thursday, 31 October 2013

Starting to model - Wheels

Firstly I decided to model the wheels for my car. I had already gathered loads of reference which included wheels from the car I’m making. I am using 3dsMax 2014 as this is the modelling program I'm most familiar with.

I decided to start off by modelling the center piece. I modeled one part of it then used array so it was all symmetrical. After this I added some supporting edge loops for the highpoly. Here it is with a turbo smooth modifier. The topology isn't great but it will do for a highpoly bake.

For the next bit I modeled one of these and used array again around the center piece.

Now for the main rim piece, I created a cylinder, deleted the end and started creating the lips. And added some edge loops of course.

Here’s the finished highpoly rim. The car I’m making has rear rims that are deep dish so I will have to make a separate model for that.
All I did was duplicate the front rim and change some of the lips and make the center pieces deeper into the rim. So here’s the finished front a rear rims.

Next I decided to model the tires  From reference it looks like the tire is the same size on both the front a rear rims but it’s stretched out on the rear. So i made two different tiresI've modeled tires before with deep tread but with this tire I wanted road legal slicks. So I won’t need to model the tread. I've decided to add tread detail later in the normal map using Photoshop.

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