Sunday, 2 February 2014

Finishing touches

There are just a few thing I need to sort out and fix then the hakosuka will be complete. I was struggling to fix some issues so I made a post on the official forums outlining what i was stuck with. I added pictures to show some of the problems and I also asked if anyone could help me with making a engine file. Heres the forum post...

The things I was stuck with were firstly I couldn't get the brake lights or headlights working. User Tommy78 said my naming conventions were wrong so I changed them around and it worked! I didn't know what PS or DS meant at first. They mean Passenger side and Driver side so I had both brake lights as the same object when they needed to be separate They were also named as hakosuka_HLGLO_PS but I needed them to just be HLGLO_PS. Tommy also said he could make a engine file for me. There was then some disscusion about which engine, the stock road engine or the race engine. You can have both and upgrade ingame. Tommy is currently making the race engine as he said that would be more fun.

In the showroom the car was really high. This was a problem with the pivot points when I exported. The Body needs to be 0,0 but the wheels don't matter. I had the wheels 0,0 so I was having this issue. Also some of my meshes weren't showing. For this I just needed to add them to the spinner.gen file which is the showroom file. That was an easy fix and something I figured out myself.

Something else I figured out myself was the engine sounds. When I compiled my car into the full game I didn't have any sounds apart from the wind noise. So I extracted a mod I already had installed. This was the Mercedes SLS mod. I just copy and pasted the .SFX file from here into my own mod. So now my car uses the SLS sounds. Only problem with this is you need to have that mod installed too. So I might have to find out where to add the actual sound files. 

You can see pictures in the forum post and who helped me with what. Everyone on the forum was very helpful and they all seemed to be excited for my mod as not a lot of people are making ones for rFactor 2 yet as its still in alpha/beta. After I;ve handed all my work in Id like to release my mod to the public.

So all Im waiting on now is the engine file. Once I have that I can do some play testing :)

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