Monday, 20 January 2014


For the windows firstly I had the model them as I hadn't done this already. This was the easy step, just extruding from the window frames with a quick unwrap. Now the hard part was setting up the material. I spent around 3 hours trying to get this to work in game. The windows would either be invisible or opaque. So I played around with pretty much every setting in the max material editor to get it to work. I also did some extensive searching on the forums and read all the posts about alpha channels. This is what my material setup looked like in max.

The one setting that finally got the material working was the material alpha value which was originally set at 255. It was just the normal setup in the code like all the other objects. I made the windows 2 sided originally but this made it quite distracting while driving with all the reflections. So I just have this for the outside view. Which may look strange but you don't even notice when driving about. So here is what that looks like in dev mode. Up next is compiling all this so I can play in the main single player with all the racetracks!

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