Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fixing things & lowpoly

I met with my supervisor and he pointed out a few things to change in my model so over the past few days I've been fixing any errors and improving the topology. I decided to change the design of my front wheel arches and the front spoiler. Some of my friends said they could be improved and I did say earlier that I was thinking of changing the front spoiler to a more aggressive looking one. Here are my new front arches and spoiler.

I also started making the lowpoly. I did this by just duplicating the highpoly model, deleting the turbosmooth modifier and then just removed loads of edgeloops. I got the model own to 57,000 tris which should be completely fine. I will just have to see how rfactor runs when the models ingame. If it needs more optimization I could easily go back and delete some more loops.

And here's the high and low poly next to each other. High on the left and Low on the right.

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